Not matter if its Children Musical to wedding videos in Flint, Dynamite Video Productions in Michigan-Flint can do it all. All prices are quoted amounts and are subject to additional charges. Quotes give are valid for 30 days from date of quote.


Multiple Camera LIVE Switching.  We can video tape up to a 3 camera production and switch live between cameras at the event.  We can add opening and graphics live as well. Call for pricing.


We can provide a single camera and camera person for an event   There is a minimum of 2 hour including setup time
You will receive a one (1) DVD of said event or Digital .mp4 file on a flash drive..  If editing is required to add opening, graphics, music, etc see Editing for price. Call for more information.


Have a video you shoot and need it edited?  Do you need your home movies cleaned-up and to have some of the bad video taken out or just want to re-edited it so it flows better.  We can even add graphics, title page, lower third name graphics with names of people that appear on your video and even closing credit rolls. Let Dynamite Video Productions help you to create a first class production! $100.00 per/hr

Dub/Transfer Video to DVD or Digital See Blow Pricing

Dynamite Video Productions can preserve your memories and copy/duplicate your videos on DVD or Flash Drive.  








All Digital Video are in .mp4 files format.  DVD Price include DVD Burn Time, DVD Case, Printing of DVD Insert and DVD Label.  

NO Editing or NO Professional Menu Screens or Title Graphics.  For additional editing or graphics see Editing Price/

Commercial Spot $400 - $1500

No matter if its a TV or Radio commercial, let Dynamite Video Productions create an eye catching, commercial spots for television that will help create more traffic and sell your production or service.  We can even turn it around and make audio versions for Radio.  Let Dynamite Video Productions be a part of your marketing team!


Got a product or service that you want to promote?  Let Dynamite Video Productions help you market your idea.  We'll help you design a short or longer infomercial that fits your needs and your target groups.  Consider Dynamite Video Productions for all of your video needs.  Need to make copies to send to clients or need to put it on the internet?  We can do that!  Call today for more information.


A documentary is something we do well!  We can follow people through the planning steps as well as event itself and tape b-roll footage as well on the spots interviews and just see what happens.  Dynamite Video Productions produce an annual Documentary for the Eastside Missions-Flint, MI to be used as a promotional video to bring awareness to their cause.  In the last 10 years it has help them to grow from a few churches in the local area to over 25 churches all across South East Michigan!

Types of Productions

  • Weddings/Love Story
  • Dance Recitals
  • Musical
  • Drama/Plays
  • Internet Video's
  • Corporate Video's
  • Government/Council Board Meetings
  • Graduations Services
  • LIVE Streaming

Photography Services

  • Senior Graduation Photo's
  • Family Photo's

All photo's are given to client on a CD or Flash Drive. Dynamite Video Productions does NOT print photo's. Photoshop of photo we do and create Flyer, invitations that can be taking to any photo lab to be printed.  You receive ALL photo's take in photo session.

Video Training

Let Dynamite Video Productions Train You and Your Staff. Top quality training at reasonable prices.  Big groups, small groups or

Camera Operations & Shooting Techniques

We can help you to learn more about your camera.  We also can recommend cameras that will fit your budget. We'll show you how to get the most out of your camera.  We'll show you camera techniques that will have you shoot like the pro's.. $65.00 per/hr per/person

Individual $50 per/hr Groups 5 to 9 $45 per/hr per/person Groups 10 to 20 $40 per/hr per/person

Digital Editing Training

We live in a digital world now and ever pro edits by using digital editing software.  This is so much faster then the the old days of liner edit (tape to tape editing) and allows you the freedom to do so much more.  You can make your video's look like a professional did you video.  We can show you how to use editing software such as; Adobe Premier and Adobe Creative Suites (CS2, CS3, CS4 CS5, CS6).  Also including Encore DVD Authoring.

Individual $50 per/hr Groups 5 to 9 $45 per/hr Groups 10 to 20 $40 per/hr

Other Services

Consulting Services

We can help you research what type of equipment you need from cameras, decks, video switcher, audio boards, mics, etc.  We can recommend suppliers that can give the best deal and work with you to place orders for your equipment.

  • 3PC STARTER    $85
    Covert up to 3 Tapes to Digital Video / DVD $15 each
  • 10PC FAMILY      $250
    Covert up to 10 Tapes to Digital Video / DVD $15 each
  • 20PC CLOSET    $400
    Covert up to 20 Tapes to Digital Video / DVD $12 each
  • 40PC TRUNK   $800
    Covert up to 40 Tapes to Digital Video / DVD $12 each

Creating Memories For A Lifetime!

Our Video Services




EDITING  $100 per/hour